Touchless soap dispenser beside sink
Stainless steel touch-free soap dispenser
Troop Dispenser. Touchless soap dispenser with 500 ml capacity in bathroom
Troop Dispenser [Single] | Kitchen & Bath
Touchless soap dispenser in kitchen
Touchless soap dispenser for kitchen sink

Troop Dispenser [Single] | Kitchen & Bath

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elevate your mind.

For the conscientious who understand clean home = clean mind. Your home is your temple - you should treat it like so! Reap the positive mental energy by optimizing your environment.


☑️ Stainless steel - you deserve a little luxury in your life. The durable body is expertly crafted with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel for a brilliant metallic finish.

☑️ Touch-free sensor - simply place your hand below the soap dispenser to enjoy the peace of mind of our advanced touch-free technology.

☑️ Customizable Settings - you get to choose between 3 liquid output levels to find the one that meets your needs.

☑️ Bulk Refillable - get the ability to refill your dispenser with the brands you love

☑️ Wall-mounted - unlock the full potential of your home by utilizing your walls so you can choose exactly how you want to design your dream room



- 1 x Troop Dispenser

- Strong mounting bracket

- Full set of AA batteries 

- Adhesive tape & screws for easy install





- 3 liquid levels: 0.9 ml, 2.0 ml, 3.1 ml

- IPX7 waterproof certified

- Product Dimensions: 128 mm x 91 mm x 233 mm

- Product Weight: 0.5 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

it's a great addition to my beautiful bathroom!

Great for kids!

I added this little dispenser to my kitchen next to the sink. Every time the kids come down for dinner they love to wash their hands using it.

Kira Reid
a good switch

i swapped out my shitty soap bottle for this and its much nicer. deffo recommend to anyone


okay so I saw this on ig and im not usually one to order these kind of things but I did and I love it! looks so aesthetic in my white washroom

santi martinez
Other reviews are true it works well

I saw the other reviews were good so I decided to test for myself. It's been great and looks amazing next to my sink. Easy refill too.

touchless and smooth soap dispenser

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