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Build lasting loyalty

First impressions matter. 91% of people judge your sanitary stations to reflect your brand image. Investing in high-end dispensers creates lasting loyalty and trust.

Cost-effective refills

Avoid the trap of costly plastic refill cartidges that come with inexpensive dispensers. Our open-tanks give you the freedom to purchase any soap or sanitizer to save you money with bulk-refills.

Invest in zero-waste

Your choice of health solutions ought to benefit the world in addition the users. Closing the loop in the cleaning-products industry is becoming a reality because of people like you.

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Our Triden True Promise

Our business was formed because of the large gap in the cleaning-products market. The big guys devised a plan to monopolize the market by locking businesses in to their proprietary cartridge model. They take advantage of trusting managers by tempting them with inexpensive & inept dispensers.
Their proprietary plastic refill cartridges are costly and wasteful to your budget and your planet.

Unlike our competitors, we're not in the business of restricting people's free choice. We give our clients the freedom to run business operations their own way. All of our dispensers are designed with open-source capabilities which means they're compatible with any and all soaps, sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, detergent, etc..

The business owners and managers in our country are the heroes of this story. They work tirelessly to empower their teams, provide value for their communities, and strengthen relationships between each other. We promise to show our gratitude to you by helping you achieve your goals in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Derek Douglas the Co-founder and CEO of Triden
Derek Douglas

Victoria BC

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Thrifty Foods

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Triden Dispenser

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For the Efficient One

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Next Steps

We work with a wide range of businesses including, grocery stores, departmental stores, educational institutions, not-for-profits, and small businesses. We are here to help.

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