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Zero-Waste Refill Program

Every effort counts.

Our Refill Program

Are you a resident of Victoria? Join Triden’s mission to eliminate plastic waste and protect the planet with our zero-waste refill program. At Triden, our goal is to create a sustainable alternative that’s accessible to everyone.

With our simple zero-waste refill program, you can have eco-friendly hand soaps and sanitizer delivered in large mason jars to your front door. As part of our promise to you and the environment, we make sure all packaging gets picked up, refilled, and reused.

How It Works

Create an Account

To get started, create an account and head over to the Soaps and Services page. Choose your favourite zero-waste soaps and select subscription.

Create Account
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Choose your Delivery Date

Select your preferred refill frequency, your desired delivery date and the time of day that works best for you.

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Leave it at the Door

On your chosen delivery date, receive your order and leave your empty zero-waste jugs at the door for pickup. We will arrive to refill the jugs and leave them at your door.

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