Triden Titan automatic touch free hand sanitizing station floor stand
Triden Titan automatic touch free sanitizer dispenser
Triden automatic touchless sanitizing dispenser side
Triden Titan automatic touch free sanitizing dispenser wall mount

Titan Dispenser + Floor Stand | touch-free | bulk refill

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Touch-free Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

The Titan Dispenser with Adjustable Floor Stand is engineered for the strong protectors of our business world.

☑️ Touchless Dispensing

- Prevent the spread of germs with contactless dispensing. To dispense, simply swipe your hand below to activate the infrared motion sensor.

☑️ Bulk Refill

- Stop buying those small and expensive bottles and start switch to buying in bulk. Fill your dispenser up to 1100mL with any and all brands of liquid soap or hand sanitizer.

☑️ Stainless Steel Shell

- Crafted with corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel for a brilliant metallic finish. An environmentally sustainable solution to boast about.

☑️ Adjustable Liquid Supply

- Choose between 5 liquid liquids to help you save up to 75% compared to pump bottles and other dispensers.

Customer Reviews

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Ross Borland

We really love their dispenser. It's hard to find a decently priced, nice looking dispenser that works well and is durable We are a very busy store and all the dispensers we've tried to date only lasted a short time. This one is still working as well as day one.

John from Tuscany village
10x better

This model is 10x better than the crappy plastic one I had before. Thanks for the quick support.

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Crafted with Stainless Steel

Sustainable & Cost-Effective

Large Refillable Tank

Customized for you

Adjustable Liquid Levels

Stand Strong

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