Double Troop touchless dispenser in marble shower
Hands-free shampoo and conditioner dispenser
Double troop automatic dispenser in shower. for shampoo and conditioner
Troop double dispenser from side

Troop Dispenser [Double] | Kitchen & Bath

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elevate your mind.

For the conscientious who understand clean home = clean mind. Your home is your temple - you should treat it like so! Reap the positive mental energy by optimizing your environment.

☑️ Wall-mounted - unlock the full potential of your home by utilizing your walls so you can choose exactly how you want to design your dream room

☑️ Stainless steel - you deserve a little luxury in your life. The durable body is expertly crafted with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel for a brilliant metallic finish.

☑️ Touch-free sensor - simply place your hand below the soap dispenser to enjoy the peace of mind of our advanced touch-free technology.

☑️ IPX7 waterproof - avoid cheap dispensers which fail to consider your safety. Stay protected with Triden Dispensers which are engineered to protect you & your loved ones in the bathroom.



- 2 x Troop Dispensers

- Strong mounting bracket

- Full set of AA batteries 

- Adhesive tape & screws for easy install





- 3 liquid levels: 0.9 ml, 2.0 ml, 3.1 ml

- IPX7 waterproof certified

- Product Dimensions: 181 mm x 91 mm x 233 mm

- Product Weight: 1 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
J. R.
Great for me

I use them for my shampoo and conditioner. My girlfriend wanted the triple so she could also add soap, but the double was already installled so it was too late.

Brittany Simpson
Love it

My favorite purchase this year. I loooove using these in my shower. Only 4 stars because shipping took a couple of weeks.

asdasd asdasds
waterproof adhesive

I didnt want to screw this dispenser into my bathroom so I went with the adhesive. Was a little skeptical at first because most adhesives I've used aren't that strong. Before I applied the dispenser to the wall, I called their team and double checked it would be okay. I spoke with a very nice girl (I forget her name - Michelle I think?) who reassured me that the adhesive is heavy-duty and is designed to hold commercial applications for decades. Was very happy. Thanks!

Serena Nguyen

I just love home automation products and so when I saw this I thought to try it. It just feels right. Love using it in my shower and it looks beautiful :)

mel frazier
The perfect shower accessory

I'm always looking for new home accessories and I saw this online. It works so well!

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