Shipping & Return Policy


Use a soft damp cloth and gentle cleaning solution to clean outside surfaces. To clean interior mechanism, rinse out container with warm soapy water. Avoid submerging the unit in water. Fill unit with water and use a cloth to wipe interior sides. Turn machine on and place hand underneath to move water through tubing until it comes out clean.

Here's a few tips to ensure you pick the best spot possible for your dispenser:

- Ensure that unit is installed against a flat wall.

- The unit should be installed where the base is at least 25cm from the surface below (i.e. table, counter, floor, etc.)

- For best results, avoid placing reflective objects within the sensing distance of the unit.

- For indoor use only.

No. Do not submerge any dispenser in water. All of our dispensers are water resistant but should not be directly placed in any body of water.

If any product is evaluated and determined to be defective within 12 months of your purchase, it will be repaired or replaced without any charge. Upon contacting our team, a shipping label  will be provided to return the product if the issue is deemed to be due to a defect. Discoloration or damage to the stainless steel shell due to misuse is  not deemed a manufacturer defect. Any other misuse of the device such as dropping, breaking components and water damage to the electrical components is also not covered by the manufacturer warranty. If damage occurs to the device due to misuse, the user may chose to contact our support team. These incidents are reviewed and a course of action is determined on a case by case basis.

To file a warranty claim, please contact us by email at Include your full name, date of purchase, a brief description of the issue and any supporting photos (if applicable). 

Triden dispensers are made to function with any and all brands of liquid and gel products. For best results, we recommend using products that have a medium-low viscosity.

You can check if a one of your products will work by placing some on your hand and turning it sideways. If it starts to flow down your palm - this is a great product for your dispenser.

TridenTrue Dispenser

- 1 TridenTrue Dispenser

- 1 security key

- Set of 3 wall screws and 3 wall plugs.

- 1 anti-theft screw

Volume: 700 ml

Weight: 1.1kg

Dimensions: 100 mm x 110 mm x 220 mm

Sensing distance: 5-9cm

Batteries: 6xAA

Use the black security key and insert it into the keyhole on the dispenser lid. Twist counterclockwise. Remove the lid and then remove the white cap.

Fill your dispenser with the product of your choice. Place the cap then the lid and twist the key clockwise to lock into place.

Hold down the power button for 3-5 seconds until the front LED light flickers.

The TridenTrue has 5 liquid level settings to best suite your use. You can adjust the liquid output levels by simply clicking the power button when the device is turned on. The setting the device is set to is shown by the number of blinks from the LED light.

1 blink = 0.5ml

2 blink = 1.0ml

3 blink = 1.5ml

4 blink = 2.0ml

5 blink = 2.5ml


If you can't find the answer to your problem below, please contact us and our team will be happy to help you.

1. Sometimes if the dispenser hasn't been used for a few days, liquid will dry on the end of the nozzle creating a small clog. Use your fingers to pull away any clog you might feel.

2. Open your dispenser lid and check to see if your dispenser is running low on liquid. If it's under a quarter full, try filling it up and try dispensing again.

3. If after step 1 and 2, the issue persists, try placing your hand under the dispenser 10x.

4. If you are still experiencing the issue after the above 3 steps, please contact us for assistance.

Triden dispensers are made to function with any and all brands of liquid and gel products. For best results, we recommend using products that have a medium-low viscosity.

If you have a thicker product that you really want to use in your dispenser, a quick and easy tip is to add a little bit of water + your product to the tank and mix it up. This will give it the little bit of fluidity it needs to dispense.