wedding celebration outside

Event Leasing

We're here for the party
wedding leasing for automatic sanitizing dispensers


Give your clients peace of mind on their special day by offering them the option to lease a fleet of dispensers to protect their friends and family.

large event leasing for sanitizing dispensers

Large Events

Whether you're planning a festival, concert, carnival or sporting event - lease our dispensers to reduce the spread of of germs that comes with large crowds.

conference using sanitizing dispenser


Get back to hosting conferences with people from all over the world. Lease our dispensers to give attendees the feeling that their health is cared for.

Short-Term Dispenser Rentals

Are you looking for hand sanitizer dispensers for your upcoming event? If so, you've come to the right place. Whether you are hosting a large festival over several days or a small wedding, True Dispensers has you covered. We provide automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers for short-term lease. Please contact us below for event leasing options and pricing.

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