Storage Hacks To Optimize Your Home

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Written by: Sarah Haley

Space can be a problem regardless of whether you’re renting a studio apartment, living at your parent’s place, or own your own home.

Today’s world is a consumer world.

It’s already easy to walk in a store and purchase something you like. But nowadays shopping is as simple as going online, looking something up, buying it, and having it delivered to your house in two days with free shipping.

Financial and business analysts estimated that Canadians would spend 39 billion dollars online shopping in 2019 alone.1

So, where do all these consumer goods go?

According to the Canadian National Rent Report, the average size of a studio apartment in Canada is 459 square feet. The average size of a one-bedroom apartment in Canada is 660 square feet.2

When you have a lot of belongings within a small space, it’s fairly easy for them to become clutter without adequate organization.

Multiple studies have found associations between having a cluttered home, and anxiety and cortisol (stress hormone) levels. One study performed by The Australian Institute found that 40% of Australians felt depressed, anxious, or guilty about their home clutter.3

In addition to the negative feelings associated with clutter, disorganization of the items you purchase can cause them to become forgotten when storage space isn’t used properly. One survey found that 61% of women who have a hard time finding items in their closets end up buying new clothes.3

Another study performed by the Soap and Detergent Association found that disorganization causes 80% of household clutter, not lack of space.

Here are seven storage hacks that will help organize your belongings, eliminate clutter, and optimize your space.

1. Install Tension Rods 

This is a perfect storage hack to organize closets, cabinets, and under the sink. Tension rods are adjustable, easy to install, and don’t require tools. You can purchase tension rods from your local hardware store or from Canadian tire.

Put a tension rod up under the sink so it spans the width of the cabinet. Once the tension rod is up, you can hang all of your cleaning products off it by their spray top. Now you have not only blocked any plumbing from view, but you have also optimized the space. Any remaining cleaning products that can’t be hung on the tension rod can be sorted underneath.

Tension rods can also be put up in cabinets to organize pots and pans. Purchase some S-hooks and put one side through the handle of your pot. Then just use the other side of the S-hook to hang it up. Organization has never been easier!

2. Use the Inside of Your Cabinets

If you need an easy storage fix for your bathroom or kitchen, put storage bins up on the inside of the cabinet doors. These bins provide more space to store your items by acting as shelves.

You can also install hooks and other organizers to the inside of cabinets to make sure space is being used efficiently. Check out FixThisBuildThat to learn how to make a DIY Pot Lid Holder.

3. Maximize Your Sink Space

A lot of apartments don’t have a dishwasher or have limited counter space. When you don’t have a dishwasher and you are forced to wash everything by hand, it becomes easy for counter space to fill up with freshly cleaned dishes.

Use an over the sink dish drying rack to maximize your sink space and eliminate clean dish clutter. The dish drying rack by Homewhis has a multifunctional design, is strong and durable, and is easy to assemble. Now you can save the counter space for making meals.


 4. Use Glass Containers & Labels

Try buying glass storage containers instead of constantly purchasing new bottles and boxes of dry spices and foods. Storing all your dry foods in glass containers will make your home look aesthetically appealing and help the environment too. 

The glass food storage containers by IKOO Glass have bamboo wooden lids and keep everything airtight. They come in a range of sizes and shapes so you can pick the ones that match your needs.

If you want to take your food organization to the next level, purchase some eco-friendly labels. Labelling your storage containers will help you keep track of all your foods and products. Then when you run out, you can take your glass containers to the nearest bulk refill store to stock back up.

5. Utilize Under the Bed

If you don’t have much space under your bed, try lifting your bed. To lift your bed, try using some bed risers or attaching higher legs to the bed frame.

Putting clear storage bins underneath your bed will help you organize your items while also keeping them out of sight. Storage bins are perfect to store any seasonal clothes or miscellaneous items. Canadian tire offers a selection of clear storage bins with sizes ranging from 15L to 60L. For a plastic-free storage alternative, check out neatfreak!'s fabric bins.

If you want to take your organization to the next level, try putting labels on the bins or dividers inside.

6. Utilize that Closet Space

Results from a OnePoll survey showed that 1 in 9 women were late to work because they couldn’t find some part of their outfit.3

Organizing your closet space efficiently will make getting ready for work in the mornings easier and quicker.

Try putting fabric bins on the top shelf in your closet to organize clothing and accessories. Neatfreak! is a Canadian home organization company that offers a range of multipurpose fabric storage bins. They offer a range of sizes and designs so you can customize your closet shelf according to your needs.

If you’re struggling to organize all your shoes too, neatfreak! has your back. Their Hanging 10 Shelf Shoe Organizer and Shoe Cubby Tower are the perfect closet additions if you’re looking to elevate your shoe collection. Their shoe organizers are easy to assemble and made to last.

7. Get the Triden Troop Mini

If you’re looking to clear off your counters and eliminate clutter, the Triden Troop mini is for you. This automatic dispenser has a sleek design that will upgrade any kitchen or bathroom. With the Triden Troop, you can remove any plastic soap or haircare bottles that are littering your home.

The Troop even has three adjustable settings so you can choose the volume amount that matches your product needs. The Troop’s simple installation process and stainless-steel finish allows you to easily modernize your home.

The Takeaway

According to the Daily Mail, it's estimated that the average person will spend 3,680 hours in their lifetime looking for misplaced items.3

These storage hacks will minimize the time you spend looking for lost items while clearing up your home environment and mind.

“Organization Isn’t About Perfection; It’s About Efficiency, Reducing Stress And Clutter, Saving Time And Money And Improving Your Overall Quality Of Life.”

– Christina Scalise (Best-Selling Author & Professional Organizer)

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