Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022

Spring is around the corner!

And it’s time to say goodbye to all the dirt and stuff that your home collected in the winter. Do you already have the spring cleaning checklist in your hand? Or are you still looking for tips? Either way, the spring cleaning tips we are discussing today are going to aid you make every corner of your home extra clean!

1. First Things First, Make a Checklist

Spring cleaning is a little different from how you clean your house regularly and so is its schedule. First, check if you have enough time and energy for a deep clean, because it's like resetting your entire house. So, you have to first decide when you are going to clean and then where. Which areas need to be cleaned the most? Which areas consume more time? Usually, where you skip in your regular cleaning routine is where you should start. Focus on one area first and then you can go from room to room.

2. Declutter

When your home is cluttered and disorganized it can add to your stress level. Why stress over when you can fix it with simple tricks, right? Decluttering and giving your space a minimal touch will make your home more simplified yet organized. It's important to keep your space neat as well as tidy since we spend a good amount of time at home. So, get rid of 'everything' that you don't use anymore. It could be equipment, clothes, books, machinery, cosmetics and etc. Organize your closets, desk drawers, refrigerator, shoe rack, and make sure everything has a place in your home. You'll be surprised how fresh it feels afterward!

3. Top to Bottom

From the ceiling down! It's always from the ceiling down! Why?

Quite clear, isn't it? When you start cleaning from the ceiling down, it will force the debris downward so that you don't have to re-dust and re-clean your horizontal space. Use a vacuum to reach cobwebs and dust the objects hanging from the ceiling first, eg: fans/ chandeliers. Then you can move on to dusting the furniture and cleaning walls, windows, and doors. Use a damp towel for these areas and wipe them from top to bottom and inside out! If you can use a steam cleaner for your windows, the better! And at last, the floor!

4. Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom feel like the most stubborn areas of the house that are troublesome to clean while they also should be the cleanest places in your house! Don’t fear cleaning these areas. Try to divide the work and follow these steps.

For the kitchen:

  • Wipe down the cabinets, kitchen table/ island, shelves, pantry
  • Go through the pantry and refrigerator, throw away anything that doesn't help you or you don’t use anymore
  • Gently clean your stainless steel appliances. You can use a steam cleaner for this

For the bathroom:

  • Change your shower curtain
  • Take a look at your cosmetics and medicine drawers/ cabinets and throw away the expired
  • Clean your bathroom walls and then the floor

5. Redefine with Kitchen and Bathroom Dispensers

Are you done with cleaning?

Then it’s time to redefine and introduce a new theme to your home! Find out new gadgets for your home and implement ideas that will help you upgrade your home and make your lifestyle flow smoother! Trendy home essentials can play a big part in your daily routine, for example, you can add body wash, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers to your bathroom to make it look lavish and more functional. If you can get touch-free dispensers, even better because then you don’t have to worry about all the germs, plus, it’s less cleaning time for you!

You can also add sanitizer dispensers for your kitchen area, to protect your home and the ones living in it. If we learned anything from COVID-19, it’s self-protection and sanitization! Do you agree? Having this kind of home essentials not only tidy up your home but also save you time and money. It will be a lot easier the next spring cleaning for sure! Make sure the essential items you use are durable, easily maintained, and right for your home. Since we talked about dispensers, here are the top home dispensers you can use to simplify your home.

You can totally redefine your bathroom with this dispenser which has room for your body wash, shampoo and conditioner. It’s easier than having three bottles lying here and there and since it’s touch-free, it’s less messy than usual. Organize your bathroom and add the minimal touch to your future showers!

What do you say you add a soap and sanitizer dispenser to your kitchen as well? It will definitely help your quick morning routine and the cleaning will be minimal for you! Why stick to old soap bars and difficulties when you can embrace the newest technologies for your home and live a quality life?

Don’t Miss the Fun!

While you are cleaning, don’t forget to pick your favorite songs and dance away! Having music playing in the background will make you less tired and invites more fun!

Happy spring cleaning!

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