Embassy of Canada in Mexico Selects True for Trade Mission

canadian startup in bc exports to mexico for their dispensers

The Embassy of Canada in Mexico offered TridenTrue 1 of the 10 spots available for Canadian SMEs in the Trade Business Mission in Mexico.

Message from Derek:

"The mission was an exhilarating experience for us, where we met leaders of large organizations across Mexico to discuss partnerships and distribution opportunities.

Expansion to Mexico was a new venture for us, our meetings were being attended by the Canadian Embassy, and the leaders we were scheduled to meet were way up there on the food chain. Naturally, we prepped a formal pitch deck / PowerPoint presentation tailored to each organization... big mistake.

What we soon realized was that these great leaders in Mexico built the foundation of their relationships on sincerity, informal conversation, and collaboration (essentially the opposite of a pitch deck).

We immediately threw out the pitch decks and started having casual conversations with them about their life. This led us to build strong, enduring connections with some of the most amazing people in Mexico.

This mission showed us that regardless of where or who we're speaking with, we all instinctively crave that deep and meaningful connection with one another."

We want to thank the team from the Embassy of Canada in Mexico for all their hard work coordinating the logistics of the mission. They were incredible to work with.